Action Figure Reviews

All Action Figures will be reviewed here Hasbro, Disney and other figures 

Review: NJ Croce Arkham Night Batman and Harley Quinn 

By Beverly Lanzilla 

            Photo by Rob Serret                                               Photo by Rob Serret 

We review the Arkham Knight version of Batman and a new Harley Quinn. There are so many new versions of Ms. Quinn these days that I've lost count. Both this new Batman and Harley Quinn are bendable versions, and pose-able. I prefer these bendable figures compared to a number of action figures being released these days with little or no articulation.
                Batman has a fabric cape and Harley has a hard PVC baseball bat which reminds me of a Christmas candy cane or a barbershop red and white circular sign. She also comes to the 'party' with a AK 47 gun. Batman is wearing his Batsuit and his gold utility belt where all of great gadgets are stored.
                Both this Harley Quinn and Batman are based on the "New 52" redesigns with Harley keeping her color scheme of wearing half black and half red in her costume dress.I still like and prefer her tight fitting outfit, with her gun and hammer mallet; more in line with her first appearances in Batman animation starting in 1992. Change moves on.
I do like some of Harley's costume. The tights, shoes, and very short skirt all work. Her make up is always exaggerated, including her bright red lips.
                 It would be even better to include base stands for these bendable/pose-able figures. Prices continue to go up and many toy companies should take the lead in including stands. NJ Croce Co. has continued to deliver great figures!
Each figure is approximately 5 1/2 inches. MSRP US$9.99  (No stands are included.) 

Review: NJ Croce New 52 Batman

By Beverly Lanzilla

Photo by Rob Serret 

                First we review NJ Croce's larger and pose-able 8 1/2 inch tall Batman action figure, based on DC Comics' most recent,  updated "New 52" interpretation of this top-tier character that first appeared in 1939.
This new entry is made from flexible PVC with internal wires for your preferred posing. Even our action figure chairperson team of "Moose and Greg" had not seen this figure in their regular rounds in stores. Not too many items slip their attention!
This new Batman has no visible joints, and wears a smooth fabric cape.
Worth every penny.
MSRP US$19.99   (No stand is included.)

Video Review: Godzilla Resurgence Bandai Figure 

By Ty David Lightner

Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo line

Photos and text by Jim Patterson

The World of Nintendo line from Jakks Pacific covers  a lot of the Nintendo characters from many of the games. I am mostly a Legend of Zelda, Mario fan so I stick to those characters the most. The figures are broken down into 2 inch, and 4 inch figures. They each come with accessories, swords, sheilds, etc.

They also have the 2 inch 8 bit line that look like the characters from the original Nintendo but are I  think some of the cooler looking figures.

The packaging is very basic and if you are like me you open all your stuff the package does not do them justice they look far better outside the plastic prisons. The look of the figures is done quite well, being from a game that is a fantasy world the detail and facial sculpts are really good. Jakks Pacific also does some great exclusives and variation of the characters different outfits for Mario and Link. There is also a Gold version for some of the characters that are tough to find.  Some of the accessories are hard to have the figure hold the hands are not big enough to grasp the sword or shield so it is a bit frustrating. Overall I love the figures the Legend of Zelda figures are my favorite and they all look great.