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Hot Wheels Bounty Hunter Series 

Photos and Text Jim Patterson

Brand new series from Hot Wheels six car Bounty Hunter series, all six have metal bases and real rubber tires. I would have stuck with all trucks and not used the chevelle delivery it seems out of place, I would have used the tanker casting it would have fit the character of IG-88 a bit better he is round has a tank for his head.

i love the deco delivery casting in general and looks great with the two tone paint for BOSSK. the best of the bunch is the Ford Econoline pickup that seems to fly off the shelves around here and it has Boba Fett as the character.

I am again torn with opening them as with the last Star Wars series the card art is fantastic they might look good all framed up as a set and hung up with my other Star Wars art. A very cool overall series they should try to match up the castings wit the characters a bit more