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 Review: New Packaging for 2018 Matchbox 

By Jim Patterson

As the second half of 2018 comes along we see a new look to Matchbox packaging. Across all aspects of the line singles, five packs and the gift sets the look is more fresh look. The singles card art looks much better with a different background to go with the theme, city desert etc, it sets off the car really well and you can see it really good on the pegs its brighter it pops up more then the other. the five packs and the gift sets look cleaner. The Matchbox logo gets slight change and looks more like the classic logo from eighties and nineties, gone is the grey/metallic look that was there the last few years, Also gone if the 65th anniversary logo on any of the package, only half the year was devoted to the 65th anniversary but Hot wheels is all year? A very nice look and a nice touch for the brand to have more recognition.

Sneak Peek of 2019 Matchbox

By Jim Patterson

                                         Photo by Jim Gallegos/Instagram

The Matchbox brand continues the great tradition of licensed castings and more great product for 2019. The brand will be reduced to 100 models for 2019 down from 125 in 2018, with a 65%-35% split on licensed and generics. A new line will debut this fall/winter with opening parts and will retail for $1.99, color changers will continue along with 5 packs and 9 packs.

Matchbox will have Twenty-five new castings, 4 generic/originals, 21 licensed.


Port a potty truck, mbx backhoe, mbx armored car, mini city sweeper,


Suburu svx, Ram utility flatbed, mustang convertible, Jeep Wrangler JL, Nissan Titan pickup, Suburu Sambar, Polaris Slingshot, Dodge cornet police, International Ambulance, Nissan delivery Van, classic Landrover series safari, 80s Mercedes Wagon, Mini Countryman, dodge d100 pickup 4x4, classic BMW 2002, Ford Pickup Hot Rod, New Dodge Charger, 70's Chevy Caprice Classic, Ford Animal Control truck, 80s Porsche 911 Safari.

Walmart exclusives will continue with a Ford and A Jeep Series, Real working Rigs will continue with five new tools, Target will have 50th Anniversary Superfast models will be mixed in assortment on special card like the Sapphire cars, Cars are to be painted gold some nice castings were chosen, Hudson Hornet police,Seagrave fire truck, BMW i8,  Mercedes 6x6, 2016 Camaro and the new casting of the BMW 2002.

Some great stuff upcoming, with the demise of Toys R Us, Target and Walmart need to step up and have the space for it. Only two pegs for the line at Target and three to nine pegs at ypour local Walmart alt least around here in Massachusetts.  Hopefully the matchbox Team will try to push the brand a bit more, the Disney Cars are on the down swing and maybe Matchbox can expand to a few of there pegs. I am looking forward to the the port o potty truck, somebody has a good sense of humor on the team,  the dodge police car, mustang convertible. A big thanks to Charlie Mack and John Lambert for compiling the information and happy collecting.