Review: Greenlight Hitch n Tow Series 

Photos and text By Jim Patterson 

Greenlight Collectibles keeps pumping out the good stuff, their new series of the Hitch And Tow hits us with a new casting of a pop up trailer that is awesome. The truck is a regular F 150 that we have seen before, but the trailer is the star, it is three separate pieces and more then half is die-cast. The base and top is metal and the middle part is one piece of plastic.

The design and detail is fantastic from the door that you have line up to the lights and propane tank on the front. The one thing that did bother me when I opened it the plastic didn't want to fit in the little holes and I was worried that would break it but after a few tries it did snap together. the set looks great when sitting on a shelf or set up, the other gripe I have with this series is the trailer stand a little piece that you have to kinda screw in, on this one I couldn't get it to go in. My fingers are too big to force it to go in, Greenlight should think about molding into the frame of the trailer or try another way i have since lost the little piece since I opened it. Greenlight has some other great trailers coming out, a tear drop, and others down the road I wish Matchbox would go back to using more trailers in the line as well. 

Review: Corgi 60 Anniversay

by Beverly Lanzilla


                                              photo by Mark Arruda

      Just after our US 'Labor Day' weekend, we were delighted to receive a package from the UK courtesy of Phil Deery, the International Sales Manager for the CORGI division of HORNBY in Sandwich, England.
The package included their 60th Anniversary die cast van, the CORGI Second-Half 2016 Catalog, and their commemorative CORGI lapel pins for our review. In the UK they have had many celebrations this year marking their 60th.
      CORGI was first launched in 1956 by METTOY Playcraft Ltd., three years after Lesney Products officially started their famous MATCHBOX line, to address a larger scale of model with more details and working features. They were not the "first with windows", but rather the first where ALL of the models in the line would have windows. (The Brits also liked to call this feature "window glazing.")
      The CORGI line was first widely embraced in the UK and Europe, then the US; soon to become its #1 Export Market in the world. They constantly innovated what was possible to include in a die cast vehicle, and were the first to dive into the deep end of the pool with highly popular television and movie licences. 
Their current 60th Anniversary Van is celebrated with a livery consisting of the now famous 'CORGI colours' where the top body of the van is in an aqua blue; and the bottom half is in a banana yellow. To continue, the upper body design includes a very attractive pictorial sampling of the many cars, trucks, buses, and aircraft produced over the first 60 years. Under this image on either side is the message "Celebrating 60 Years of CORGI  1956-2016".
Each cab side door has the famous CORGI dog emblem proudly displayed; while the model rests on four real rubber tires, not plastic ones.
      This Limited Edition CORGI model is capped at only 3,000 produced world-wide. At a US MSRP of only $15.00 I suggest you act quickly before they're gone!
The latest CORGI 2016 Second-Half Catalog, (July-December), showcases all of the latest collector choices over a full-color 68 pages.
        To cap things off, the silver tone CORGI 1956-2016 Pin allows any true CORGI collector a fine way to proudly display their allegiance to this legendary, and history-making brand.
Contact us or the CORGI COLLECTOR CLUB in the UK at Corgi | Homepage for more information.
(Note: The Boston Area Toy Collectors Club is, and has been, the unofficial beacon for CORGI collectors in the USA for the last 20 years. The CORGI brand has also played a central role in each of the last fifteen (15) BATCC governed National Annual Collectible Toy Events.  Editor.

Die Cast Reviews

All Die cast review will be here Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning etc.

Review: Hot Wheels Forza Motorsports Series 

By Jim Patterson



      Hot Wheels Entertainment series Forza Motorsports a new five car series based on the popular video game of the same name. The cars consist of a excellent mix of some of the best super cars of the world. 
2017 Ford GT
1973 Ford Falcon XB
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 
2012 Camaro ZL1 concept 
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera 

      The cars are each double die-cast, both body and base are metal, each are very sharp looking with great detail. All have rubber tires and replica wheels. 


      The Ford GT being my favorite and a close second the Alfa Romeo, the look of that one is very well done. The Ford Falcon XB is a casting i have not seen in awhile but looks great in yellow for this series. I was never into the Lambo's or into Camaro's I am more of a Ford Mustang and Ford person in general. The card art for this series and the rest of the high end series that Hot Wheels does are always very well done. I open all my cars  but sometimes the card art gives me pause, but I open it any way and keep the card back. The other thing that is well done here is they use the Forza license in the basic line as well.

      The game has hundreds cars in it and it would be great to see all the cars in the higher end series but using them in the basic line gives more coverage to the game. Hot Wheels Has been getting into the video game medium the last couple of years and stuff look great like the Gran Turismo series and this great series makes me want to go and pick up the game again. You can even download some Hot Wheels cars in the game for seven dollars as well. I would of loved to see something like this under the Matchbox umbrella, but the whole racing theme and Hot Wheels has some of the castings already, it would be nice to see Matchbox get some involvement as well. The series retails for five to seven dollar range depending on your store and are available now!!!