Review: Lego Batman 

By Jim Patterson

                                               Photo by J. Patterson

One of many New Lego Batman Movie sets to come out with release of the Lego Batman Movie, Which was awesome by the way. This set features Mr Freeze in a mechanized suit to do battle with Batman. This sets also can connect to other sets to make a bigger scene. the Mini-figures are very well done, Lego has been doing different expressions on the figure for awhile and the security guard has a look a of surprise on him. The Batman figure is really well done they have added and actual piece for the belt this time around. The belt piece was just a paint effect before now it has a piece of it own. the Mr Freeze is a great figure in his cold suit and then  he can stand up in his mecha suit which is a nice touch.

                                               Photo via Lego 

The best thing with the new Lego Movie is a new set of mini-figures all based on the Lego Batman Movie with many different Batman figure to get. There is 20 figure to get and are availble at your local retails now!! 

Review: LootCrate Monthly Subscription 

By Jim Patterson


Lootcrate is a company that has made huge strides in our world of collectible toys. They are a monthly subscription service that has a theme each month and product that supports that theme. It is a blind box you don't know what you getting but a simple search on Ebay you can pick out what the new loot crate stuff will be. The box will always contain a t shirt something that I don't like but it has grown on me lately. There is some stuff that is neat and some that are given away or sold, but usually I am surprised by the stuff that is received and it has open my eyes to different things. There is other crates that are available which cost more and have more cool stuff or has more focused items, loot anime has more anime stuff and things in that genre. They also do a specific theme crates like a Star Wars, Firefly and many others that cost about $100 apiece but have some really awesome stuff in them. Each month they do a Mega Crate and one lucky Looter gets that instead of the generic box. These crates have things like HDTVs, PlayStations, Xboes etc, really big expensive stuff. I get the basic 19.99 monthly crate there is also a upgrade that is 44.99 a month that has the same and s few more things in it. Other companies have jump on board with these services, Funko has one, there is Nerdblock has Lego and other buildables in it, just recently there was discussion of a Hot Wheels one coming out this year I am not sure how that would work it be interesting to see. 

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