Lego and other Reviews 

Review: Playmobil City Action Rocket 

 By Andrew Bucca 

                                                                            photo via Playmobil 

      The first thing that struck me about the Playmobil City Action Rocket, was the size of the box. The box it comes in is almost unnecessarily large. When you open it, almost half is empty. The cover is definitely an action shot of engineers working on the awaiting rocket. The two workers are accompanied by a small service robot. The cover art draws in passing customers very well by using the space scenery. In building the set, I found it was fairly simple. Most of the pieces were big, clunky, and an easy snap in place. When it came down to the smaller pieces, they were mostly accessories. That being said, the build was a lot easier than expected.  Little or no instructions were really needed. The set does use stickers very well in adding to the appeal. The stickers add just a little more life and imagination to the space mission. As well as visual appeals, this build also includes audio and light effects. This is a feature that people don’t generally see in toys like this, it just adds that small detail that really make the set. Having a set with lights and sounds like this, it seems like it is geared towards being played with. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot be displayed. Overall, I enjoyed building this rocket. The look and feel of the set seems like it should just sit on a shelf perfectly

Review: Lego Spiderman Ghost Rider Team up

By Andrew Bucca

                                                                                             Photo by Lego

      Recently, I have noticed that Lego has been expanding their range in super hero sets. In other words, Lego is producing sets and mini figures that only fans of the comic book origins would know. That being said, even the normal Lego collector would love this set. The pieces, build of the set and even the color scheme is more than capable of drawing a shopper’s attention. 
      In all of my years being a Lego collector, I haven’t really known Lego to throw you a bone quite like Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-Up. The box instantly greets you with an image of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider fighting Hobgoblin on a New York street corner. Aside from the basic looking Spider-Man, Ghost Rider comes equipped with a fiery leather jacket torso and his signature burning chain as an accessory. On the down side, the flames are attached to his skull, not being able to be removed. Hobgoblin has an array of very brightly colored pieces, including an orange hood, and tattered orange cape. Even if you don’t partake in super hero sets, this particular one has many interesting pieces to use to customize your own figures.
      In regards to the overall build of the set, it is a fairly easy process. The main component is Ghost Rider’s motorcycle. The instruction booklet gives you an easy to understand way to build a complex looking piece. If you look more closely, you can see that the set is made up of very simple pieces, making it possible for the most inexperienced builder. The street corner is nothing too special aside from the clear mailbox doors. Unfortunately, the writing on the street signs are stickers, not decals. The Hobgoblin’s glider is another simple, yet complex build. Even though it is very small, the set would not be complete without it.
      In the long run, I absolutely love this set, not only because I do read comic books. The $19.99 price tag only adds to the adoration. The simplicity of the build, yet the complex look both work very well together. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran, this set should have a place on your shelf.

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