Tonner Doll Reviews

Review: Tonner Doll Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

video by Ty Lightner

Words by Jim Patterson

Here is a quick review of the latest Tonner Doll, the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman. One of the best Tonner Dolls to date a all new sculpt and likeness of Actress Gal Gadot. This is the deluxe version of the doll comes with many accessories and stand, this version was limited to 100 pieces. At our most recent club meeting On February 4, 2018 club members Ty Lightner and Scott Burke set up the doll and did a quick video of it.


Review: Tonner Doll Gotham Garage Harley Quinn and Catwoman

By Beverly Lanzilla

            It's 2016, and Tonner Doll's 25th Anniversary! To show off this milestone achievement, we have two really fantastic DC Comics characters from Tonner Doll to review.  Anyone who is familiar with Robert Tonner's design skills and creativity will truly appreciate these two females!

            Tonner Doll proudly presents 'Gotham Garage Catwoman' and 'Gotham Garage Harley Quinn'. These two very sexy ladies are extremely devious, diabolical schemers, whom are very good at being very bad.
First up is 'Gotham Garage Catwoman'. Catwoman is a master thief and 'cat' burglar who prowls the rooftops of Gotham City always looking for her next big catch. Though she may be a criminal, Catwoman has always had an uneasy friendship with Batman. This feline femme fatale is an Olympic-level acrobat and has learned many different fighting techniques.

             In Robert's newest version of Catwoman, instead of her usual one-piece leather outfit, she is dressed in a two piece leather outfit. Her sexy leather top lifts and holds her ample bosom, and her black leather, opened hip fishnet pants add fullness to her voluptuous figure. Her arm tattoo displaying a black cat finishes her very nicely.
Her outfit also includes her cat helmet, (with cat tail attached), with goggles to protect her eyes and help her see more clearly at night.
           She even has black wristbands and 'kick-ass' black boots to complete her look.
All in all, this black haired vixen is a "must have" in any discerning collection. I give this 16 inch doll a solid "10". She is as beautiful as she is dangerous. Don't delay. Tonner Dolls are limited editions, and sell out fast.
MSRP US$199.00  (Display stand included.)

            Next in our Tonner Doll line-up is 'Gotham Garage Harley Quinn'. This doll is also Robert's updated version of this brilliant, yet dangerous character. I doubt that she would show up to work in a garage dressed like this, but stranger things have happened in Gotham. This blond haired beauty was once The Joker's therapist at Arkham Asylum; now she's his on-and-off again girlfriend. She helps the 'grinning madman' plan his most diabolical schemes. The Joker often dismisses her affection, but Miss Harley continues to adore him. Go figure!
             Originally known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel; she was a respected doctor helping to rehabilitate Gotham City's worst criminals. She never imagined falling in love with any of the inmates while working at Arkham Asylum.
As Harley, she's an accomplished acrobat, whose abilities have been enhanced by one of Poison Ivy's herbal cocktails.
Her outfit resembles a jesters colorful suit. Normally, she wears a fully covered suit, but Tonner Doll's current interpretation gives her a two piece outfit. From top to bottom, she wears a half red/half grey, (usually black ipo grey), helmet with goggles that have attached square scarfs, hanging down to her shoulders.
            Next is a beautiful tattoo on her upper chest. (I must confess that I have never seen this , or any other tattoo, on Harley Quinn; or even on a cos-player. I would really appreciate someone helping me out to ID this tattoo.)
Then, you'll see her red tank top, and a black/red trimmed leather jacket. She finishes her outfit with one red leg and one black leg leather set of pants. Red and black armbands are included for each arm. Statement making, red and black leather shoes finish her off.
            I like this doll, but being a big fan of Harley Quinn, have some reservations. She somehow seems naked without her pop-gun to disorient her enemies; or, her trademark hammer mallet.
All the same, Miss Quinn is a keeper and I applaud Robert's efforts.
As with all Tonner Dolls; availability favors those who act quickly.
MSRP US$199.00  (Display stand included.)