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To interested parties and potential club members:
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The Boston Area Toy Collectors Club Invites YOU
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On SUNDAY December 4, 2016 at 9:00 am
In The Food Court at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA

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‚ÄčThe Membership of the nationally recognized Boston Area Toy Collectors Club does hereby publicly invite you, your family, co-workers, and friends to join in a special night to celebrate the start of its now 20 year mission of connecting the world-wide collectible toy industry, past and present, with the men and women, young and old, that comprise the ranks of their collectors. 
After careful consideration, the BATCC has chosen to hold this special dinner celebration at the much anticipated 'ATLANTIC KITCHEN' (WWW.ATLANTICKITCHENMA.COM) now about to open on November 15th. We have chosen our party to be held on Saturday evening, December 10, 2016, at 6PM. Each guest, BATCC Member or not, will only pay for what they order from this new, fun restaurant. The Manager and Owner will be on hand to provide a 'DOWNTON ABBEY' level of attention for all dining guests joining us.

The 'ATLANTIC KITCHEN' is easily reached right off of Route 128 in Randolph, Mass. minutes south of Boston. The restaurant is on the ground level of the recently multi-million dollar renovated 'COMFORT INN' and enjoys free parking. (The 'COMFORT INN' has historically served as the primary host hotel for the BATCC's much-lauded 'Annual National Collectible Toy Events' historically held each fall in the nearby Grand Ballroom of the 'LANTANA'. Out of town guests may still wish to stay at this well-appointed hotel with complimentary breakfasts.)

The BATCC is planning on a truly festive night with the official announcement of its "2016 TOP 20 COLLECTIBLE TOY FIRMS IN THE WORLD" awards; gifts; raffles; and more. The opportunity to break bread and share laughs with some of the best people in our multi-billion dollar collectible toy industry is at the core of this get-together.

In order for you to join in we will need to have your name(s); and the number of people coming in your party. We will hold this party in an appropriately sized area of the restaurant based on your responses. If more people come than confirmed with us, the 'ATLANTIC KITCHEN' and the BATCC reserve the right to decline admissions. In order to avoid this happening, please RSVP to the BATCC by December 1, 2016. The 'ATLANTIC KITCHEN' is privately owned and managed. No money will be required by you as a prepayment.

We have experienced an avalanche of questions on what became of our popular 'ANNUAL NATIONAL COLLECTIBLE TOY EVENT' for this year. An unforeseen medical emergency and recuperation period by the Executive Director of the BATCC created a void in time-sensitive planning. This negative has however been turned into a positive as it also allowed the BATCC Leadership to re-imagine the event itself; now moving it potentially to a more relaxed, cost conscious site; and on a Saturday evening instead of on a Friday evening with potential traffic issues. If the attendees enjoy the choice of this 'DINNER GET-TOGETHER' this year, then the restaurant has offered to close down to host our entire 'ANNUAL NATIONAL COLLECTIBLE TOY EVENT' in 2017 as a private function. Please feel free to share this information with others that you feel would want to know.

Please respond ASAP if planning to attend.    sjlanzilla@yahoo.com    or    781-963-0615